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  • Get Connected with the top Team Members in the Industry, your New Power Team!
  • Step by Step Systems so you Don't Make Mistakes! Be the CEO, not the Janitor!
  • Learn How to Automate Your Business and spend more time doing what you Want!
  • Unique Real Estate Technique called "Triple Threat" to get 40% more offers Accepted!




John Holman

College Football National Chamption

Owner of Holman Athletic Performance

Columbus, OH

“Todd is a CONTENT FIRST guy, He helped me get into a deal…”

Brian Lauchner

Real Estate Investor
Owner of SEVEN:24 Properties

Dallas, TX

“I run an organization of 1,000 people and recommend them all to come….”

Kyle Solon

Sales Professional
VP of Exertus

San Jose, CA

Todd King

Founder, PowerTeamAdvisors

We are 

Power Team Advisors

PTA is your "One Stop Shop" for all your business and real estate needs.  We provide the connections, education, and tools all in one spot! You can say we are the Wholesale or Warehouse club for Entrepreneurs!  Our 15 years of investing, coaching, and working with the top POWER TEAM members allows us to provide the BEST services at discounted rates!  We can help, coach, and connect your with everything from Website and Funnel Development, to Attorney Recommendations, to 1 on 1 mentoring, to best connection for Self Directed Retirements.

Our services


Power Team Advisors and their network are perfect for both beginning entrepreneurs, experienced big business owner, and real estate investors who are looking to take their business to the next level.

Our team of Advisors (not employees of Power Team Advisors) includes Attorneys, CPA, Loan Consultants, Technology Specialists, Coaches, and Consultants.

Contact us for any of your business needs and we’ll put you in the right direction. We are the wholesale or warehouse club for all Entrepreneurs!

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Our Mission, Vision, and Purpose is “Our Clients Business Success Is Our Greatest Asset!"

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Power Team Advisors is a branch of J.T. King Investments, LLC. We were established in 2006 and are an investment, consulting, and coaching company. We are NOT a MLM, pyramid scheme, direct sales, or business opportunity company! We strive to provide the best networking and educational platform available. We are not licensed accountants or attorneys. In business, always seek the approriate professionals in any transaction.

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